As a family-led and privately held company, we believe everyone deserves a workplace where one can genuinely say “I love going to work”. A place where you can feel a sense of purpose, have the opportunity to learn, and have fun along the way. We have some basic tenets that drive who we are and how we work:

• We accept mistakes, own them, and fix them
We learn everyday
• We practice work-life balance
• We are accountable, responsive and considerate
• We encourage each other and celebrate important events
• We wear jeans everyday
• We like food and even celebrate National Food Holidays
• We are active in our communities


“I must say that I have not been happier at any other company. I honestly wish I would have started here at least ten years ago. I get to work with an incredible crew of technicians and engineers. I also appreciate the trust that is put in me to manage most of my own projects and often times work directly with our customers.”

~ Sam

“I really enjoy the team and employees I work with. It is a pleasure to work with the crew we have. It’s like we are one big family here.”

~ Kevin

“My appreciation for this company goes beyond words. The people I work with are great and I hope to continue to learn and grow here at ES.”

~ Jason

“One of the best things about working for ES is the variety of projects!”

~ Mike

“I enjoy working here where everyone is very nice and helpful and people care about the success of this company.”

~ Andy