The automation systems in the paper and converting industries are crucial to efficient production. Out of date equipment costs more money to run, is difficult to maintain, and can provide unreliable information to management and operators. Industry studies have estimated that the average cost of unplanned downtime can range between $10,000 and $25,000+ per hour.

Reduce your exposure to unplanned plant downtime by maintaining or upgrading out-of-date systems. We provide automation for paper-production – from wood processing, to pulping, to wet and dry end paper machine applications. We also provide solutions for corrugated manufacturing and waste water treatment.

The control systems integrated on the projects listed below utilized various major control platforms, including PLCs, PCs, Drives, and HMIs. We also utilized custom applications and PC-based SCADA systems for supervision and data acquisition. In most cases, we were responsible for the design, assembly, certification (if needed), programming, installation, and start-up of these control systems.


  • Sheeters
  • Slabber Systems
    • Saw and Knife Cutting Appartus
  • Core Cutters
    • Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual
  • Coating Systems
    • Multiple Application Methods
    • Multiple Grades of Base Materials
    • Process Control
    • Laminators
    • Embossers
  • Log Saes
  • AGU Interface
  • Stacking Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Roll Handling
    • Elevators
    • Cranes
    • Shuttles
  • Unwind Systems
  • Tension Control Systems
  • Winders/Rewinders
  • Die Cutting Systems
  • Carton Forming
  • Packaging Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Plant Supervisory Systems
  • Data Acquisition for Regulatory Compliance and Quality Monitoring

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