If you are contemplating how to maximize your human capital while investigating how to manage today’s competitive workforce situation, robotic automation systems may be the answer. Our experts work collaboratively with your team to audit your facility for obsolescence and assess for automation opportunities, including robotics.

Once the analysis phase is complete, we will provide you with a range of solutions and an associated cost-benefit analysis. As you know, unexpected shutdowns or lack of a skilled workforce costs more money than integrating automation and robotics into your plant. Our experienced team will work alongside your team and guide you through the entire transition and implementation of automation solutions.

The control systems integrated on the projects listed below utilized various major control platforms, including PLCs, PCs, Drives, and HMIs. The systems used on these projects included Fanuc and ABB robots, both standard and foundry-rated models. We also utilized custom applications and PC-based SCADA systems for supervision and data acquisition. In most cases, we were responsible for the design, assembly, certification (if needed), programming, installation, and start-up of these control systems.


  • Legacy Control System Upgrades and Migrations
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Part Tracking Systems
  • Mold Identification & Verification Systems
  • Die Casting Control System
  • Press Control System
  • Robotic Part Handling Systems
  • Heat Treating Control Systems
  • Metal Plating Control Systems
  • Drilling & Boring Machines
  • Core Handling Systems
  • Trim Press Casting Handling Systems
  • Post Trim Press Inspection
  • Sorting Systems
  • Metal Finishing Control Systems
  • Vision Inspection and Sorting Systems
  • High-Speed Metal Cutting Systems
  • Furnance Energy Management Systems
  • Wire Reel Maching Controls Systems
  • Plant Superviosry Systems
  • Data Acquisition for Requlatory Compliance and Quality Monitioring Systems

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